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ANSCI 100 Project - Part A a) The ruminants are the sheep,...

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Part A a) The ruminants are the sheep, cattle, goat, and red deer. b) Ruminant Alignments: Sheep, Ovis aries : MMAAGPR TSLLLAF TLLCLP Cattle, Bos Taurus : MMAAGPR TSLLLAF ALLCLP Goat, Capra hircus: MMAAGPR TSLLLAF TLLCLP Red deer, Cervus elaphus: MMAAGPR ASLLLAF ALLCLP c) Interpretation The first 20 amino acids of the N-terminus of the growth hormones for the sheep, cattle goats, and red deer differ only in two positions. Because all these animals are related (all are ruminants), this homology is expected. The only differences are in position 8, where red dear has alanine instead of threonine, and in position 15, where sheep and goats have a threonine and cattle and deer have alanine. The similarities in codons coding for these amino acids also allude to the similarities between these species. The difference in amino acids changes the conformation of the protein. This also means that the growth hormone receptor in each ruminant will have a different structure. The sites where growth hormones differ are determining factors in species specificity. d) Non ruminant alignments: Pig, Sus scrofa: MAAGPRTS ALLAF ALLCLPW Horse, Equus caballus: MAAGPRTS VLLAF GLLCLPW Dog, Canis famliliares : MAAGPRTS VLLAF ALLCLPW e) Interpretation
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Across the non-ruminant species, the growth hormone amino acid sequences are also very similar. The differences at these sites determine the differences in the conformation of both the hormone and its receptor. This contributes to the specificity of growth hormone. f) Comparison of Ruminant and non-ruminants: Sheep, Ovis aries: MMAAGPRTS L LLAF T LL C LP Pig, Sus scrofa: MAAGPRTS A LLAF A LL C LPW Horse, Equus caballus: MAAGPRTS V LLAF G LL C LPW
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ANSCI 100 Project - Part A a) The ruminants are the sheep,...

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