Farm Animal Behavior Ass. 2 - April 20, 2006 Dr. Pam Perry...

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April 20, 2006 Dr. Pam Perry and Dr. K.A Houpt Assignment 2 In today’s society, animals play a key role in sustaining the welfare of human beings. Yet, the same may not be said in respect to how animal welfare is sustained. This inequality is the result of diminished attention to animal welfare due to an increased demand for animal products. Once the shift from small farming practices moved to the most cost effective forms of mass production consideration that animals feel pain and experience stress was ignored as such considerations appeared unprofitable. However, current research has shown that animals perform and produce better under less stressful conditions. One such article “The effect of providing shredded paper or ropes to piglets in farrowing crates on their behavior and health and the behavior and health of their dams,” demonstrates practices promoting the mental and physical well-being of piglets and sows used for production purposes. This article also indirectly exposes unfit practices of maintaining pigs that will cause them to experience unnecessary stress, pain, and fear. Pigs ( Sus scrofa) in barren and enriched environments spend the same amount of time engaged in exploration. However, the studies show that barren pigs explore the pen fittings and pen mates whereas enriched pigs explore the substrates provided. In enclosures which lack an enrichment source, the pig's exhibit greater aggression, harmful
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Farm Animal Behavior Ass. 2 - April 20, 2006 Dr. Pam Perry...

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