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Animals are later placed on a ‘hot’ ration, high in grain for finishing. Metabolic body weight alone is not an appropriate device for comparing the steers because the small-framed British breed cattle of Hereford steers will reach the grade at a lower weight assuming that low choice will be reached from about 400-500kg. This is opposite to the large-framed, continental breeds such as the Simmental steers which reach low choice over 600kg. Due to the fact that both breeds weigh the same, one may not determine if one is ready for slaughter over the other just by looking at this metabolic weight. It is possible that if metabolic weight was considered in regards to that particular breed to determine when slaughter is appropriate for that animal, it could be used but, for our purposes it may be better to consider a variety of factors. Following weaning calves are fed to reach market weight. Market or slaughter weight is that weight at which the animal reaches the low choice quality grade. This quality grade represents an animal
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