Short Paper #1 Choice 2

Short Paper #1 Choice 2 - Anthropology 399 Short Paper#1...

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Anthropology 399 Short Paper #1: Choice 2 Professor Yohko Tsuji Upon entering the three bedroom home of my new host family, I was overcome with curiosity. As I looked over the four faces of my host’s children, her in-law’s, and unmarried sister in-law, my jaw fell in awe. The idea of so many people sharing such a small space seemed like a mathematical impossibility. As I looked at my host Sukanya, I silently recognized her as the glue of the household. Though I had some understanding of women in India, I did not know specific details about the issues facing them. As the commotion settled, it was decided that food would be prepared to celebrate my arrival. As Sukanya entered the kitchen to prepare food, I followed hoping for an opportunity to ask her some questions concerning women in India. Initially, she refused my help but then gave me the task of peeling potatoes. Though I knew women generally went on to live with their husbands’ family, I decided it might be a little rude to ask this question. Instead, I began to tell her that I knew that marriages in India were usually arranged and asked Sukanya whether her marriage was also arranged. Sukanya gave a smile and nodded her head from side to side. Unsure whether this meant yes or no, I mimicked her head movement and she laughed saying that it meant yes. Sukanya asked if I had a boyfriend in the US. Knowing that dating is somewhat
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Short Paper #1 Choice 2 - Anthropology 399 Short Paper#1...

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