final paper on endometrial glands

final paper on endometrial glands - It is known that in...

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It is known that in mammalian short-day seasonal breeders such as the ewes, seasonal changes in daylight are transferred through the hypothalamo-gonadal axis stimulate the estrus cycle. The order in which this is done is that first, melatonin must essentially exert its effect on reproduction by decreasing the negative feedback effect of oestradiol on the GnRH pulse generator, thus serving as a generator of GnRH and gonadotropins. Long periods of darkness thus stimulate the gonadotropiun secretion initiating the breeding season. In order for this cycle to continue however, luteolysis must occur and is initiated by three major factors. First is the appearance of oxytocin receptors on the uterine endometrium, second the presence of and binding of oxytocin to these receptors, and third, the synthetic release of prostaglandin (PGF ). Prior studies have shown that prepubertal ewe lambs have functional uterine estrogen and progesterone receptors prior to the onset of cyclic ovarian activity, however little is known about the uterine oxytocin receptors in these lambs. A 2005 study conducted by Lamming et al. looked to study the activity and concentration of endometrial oxytocin receptors in prepubertal ewe lambs and in addition the effect progesterone had on these receptors. In the study, endometrium was collected from 14 ewe lambs ranging in different
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final paper on endometrial glands - It is known that in...

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