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MAE 155A - Aerospace Engineering Design I Winter 2010 6:30-8:20pm, Tuesdays and Thursdays, Warren Lecture Hall, Room #2204 After 2/11, class will start working on projects for next semester, which will require students to stay until 9pm on some days Syllabus Date Topics Reading HW Assigned HW Due 1 Tue 1/5 Course overview; Aircraft design process Raymer, Ch 2-3 2 Thu 1/7 Intro. to astronautics Brown, Ch 1 3 Tue 1/12 Airfoils and geometry Raymer, Ch 4 HW1-Part a 4 Thu 1/14 Fundamentals of orbital mechanics Brown, pp. 45-84 HW1-Part b 5 Tue 1/19 Thrust-to-weight and wing loading Raymer, Ch 5 HW2-a 6 Thu 1/21 Fundamentals of rocket propulsion Brown, pp. 153-197 HW2-b HW1(a,b) 7 Tue 1/26 Initial sizing, layout and loft Raymer, Ch 6-7 8 Thu 1/28 Fundamentals of rocket flight mechanics Brown, pp. 197-249 HW3-b HW2(a,b) 9 Tue 2/2 System requirements and integration MAE 155B Project outline Raymer, Ch 8-11 HW4-a 10 Thu 2/4 Fundamentals of launch vehicle design MAE 155B Project outline NASA TM 108475
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