Child Development

Child Development - o Most rapid time of change-Infancy and...

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Child Development: a field devoted to understanding constancy and change from conception through adolescence Domains of Development - Physical Development o Changes in body size, proportions, appearance, functioning of body systems, perceptual and motor capacities, and physical health. - Cognitive Development o Changes in intellectual abilities, including attention, memory, academic and everyday knowledge, problem solving, imagination, creativity and language. - Emotional and Social Development o Changes in emotional communication, self-understanding, knowledge about other people, interpersonal skills, friendships, intimate relationships, and moral reasoning and behavior. - Each domain is influences and is influenced by others. Periods of Development - Prenatal Period o Conception to birth
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Unformatted text preview: o Most rapid time of change-Infancy and Toddlerhood o Birth to 2 years o Changes in body and brain Motor, perceptual, and intellectual capacities Beginnings of language First intimate tie to others Infancy spans the first year, toddlerhood spans the second year-Early Childhood o 2 to 6 years o Body becomes longer and leaner o Motor skills are refined o More self-controlled and self-sufficient o Thought and language expand-Middle Childhood o 6 to 11 years o More logical thought processes o Advances in self-understanding, morality, and friendships-Adolescence o 11 to 18 years o Puberty o Thoughts become abstract and idealistic-Emerging Adulthood o 18 to 25 years o Moved beyond adolescence but have not fully assumed adult roles...
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Child Development - o Most rapid time of change-Infancy and...

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