07Spring-final - BIS103-001(Spring 2007 Midterm#3(finals...

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BIS103-001 (Spring 2007) June 08, 2007 Midterm #3 (finals) Student Name ______________________ Instructor: Oliver Fiehn Student ID #_______________________ A- Group 1 Please, check appropriate box below. Undergraduate student Open enrollment Completing incomplete Graduate student This exam consists of 68 questions. A maximum of 100 points can be earned. Partial credit will be given for the short answers. There are a total of 16 pages, including the cover page If you need more space, use the back of pages but indicate that for the graders . Petitions for regarding will be considered until June 16, but only if you have used permanent ink, unless an addition error has occurred. *IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO WRITE LEGIBLE! No extra effort will be made to decipher your handwriting. I,_______________________________________, authorize the University to distribute publicly this graded exam (e.g., handed out in class or left in a bin for pick up). I am aware of the fact that violations of the Academic Code of Conduct 1 may be reported to UC Davis Student Judicial Affairs. 1 Examples of academic misconduct include: receiving or providing unauthorized assistance on examinations, using unauthorized materials during an examination, altering an exam and submitting it for re-grading, or using false excuses to obtain extensions of time ( http://sja.ucdavis.edu/cac.htm ). Signature________________________________________ Date_____June 08, 2007___
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BIS103-001 (Spring 2007) June 08, 2007 Midterm #3 (finals) Student Name ______________________ Instructor: Oliver Fiehn Student ID #_______________________ A- Group 2 1. 1 point A small molecule that decreases the activity of an enzyme by binding to a site other than the catalytic site is termed a(n): A) alternative inhibitor B) allosteric inhibitor C) stereospecific agent D) competitive inhibitor E) none of the above 2. 1 point Which of the following statements does best describe receptor proteins? A) They contain an enzyme activity that acts upon the extracellular ligand. B) They contain an enzyme activity that acts upon a cytosolic substrate. C) They have an active site on the extracellular side of the membrane. D) They have a ligand-binding site on the cytosolic side of the membrane. E) They are not usually membrane-associated proteins. 3. 1 point During fasting/starvation when fat stores are being used, what will be the primary fate of the glycerol released from triacylglycerols in adipocytes? A) Stay in adipocytes to be used to make more triacylglycerols B) Enter the β -oxidation pathway C) Enter glycolysis to undergo complete oxidation to generate energy D) Enter gluconeogenesis pathway to be converted to glucose E) None of the above 4. 1 point There are three main points of regulation in glycolysis. They all have what in common?
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07Spring-final - BIS103-001(Spring 2007 Midterm#3(finals...

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