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COMMUNICATE AND COLLABORATE 1 COMMUNICATE AND COLLABORATE Ways you would learn to communicate and collaborate with others that have different learning and personality types is to understand their points. There are so many learning types, which can cause problems in a group. My strategies for communicating and collaborating effectively within a group of individuals with different learning styles are interpersonal, musical, and bodily kinesthetic and personality types are organizer, giver, and thinker. Learning emphasizes the fact that individuals perceive and process information in very different ways. Many people do not have the same learning styles, so educators should not ask the question, is this student “smart”, but how is this student smart. My learning styles are interpersonal, bodily kinesthetic, and musical. I am a type of person that needs that time to focus on myself. It helps me collect my thoughts and relieve stress. I need that quiet time to think about things I am having problems with and
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communication+and+collaboration - COMMUNICATE AND...

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