13 pp 203 207 1991 weckenmann et al 1995 weckenmann

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Unformatted text preview: he surface. Furthermore, it results in an improper substitute geometry that will affect the consecutive inspection process in a GD&T qualification. However, computation time for 16 points is much shorter than the time required for iterative sampling. It is observed, that the computation time for 36 stratified sampling is almost similar to that of iterative sampling with 16 initial samples, in most cases. In order to compare the inspection uncertainty of stratified sampling with iterative sampling, the simulated surface was inspected 100 times with 16 stratified sampling, 36 stratified sampling and iterative sampling. Minimum deviation zones evaluated for each sampling strategy are plotted in Figure 9. Geometrical deviations with an average of 0.05357mm with a standard deviation of 0.000075mm for 16 samples, an average of 0.06989mm with standard deviation of 0.000048mm for 36 samples and an average of 0.0907mm with standard deviation of 0.000075mm for iterative sampling are evaluated. These results indicate that, iterative sampling not only causes a more precise estimation for the geometric deviations, but al...
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