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Unformatted text preview: all initial sheets, has been used for each press brake. The samples were numbered in random order. The first six samples were provided for setting up the production parameters, and the remaining 28 were the actual test samples. The following measurement equipment was used: a- Digital micrometer with ± 0.016 mm uncertainty for test 3.1.a; b- Digital calliper with ± 0.03 mm uncertainty for test 3.1.b; 348 T. H. M. Nguyen et al. c- Angle measurement device: LVD Easy-form® with ±0.1o uncertainty for 3.1.c. d- Digital calliper with ± 0.02 mm uncertainty for test 3.1.d; e- Digital dial gauges with 0.001 mm resolution and ± 0.002 mm repeatability for tests 3.1.e/f; f- 3D-CMM with U3 = 3.00 + L/350 uncertainty (VDI/VDE 2617) for test 3.1.e; The micrometer, calliper and dial gauges were all equipped with a RS232C interface for a direct registration of the measured values to a spreadsheet on PC. All measurement results have been analysed using the statistical software package Minitab for...
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