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Unformatted text preview: Torseur pour le tolérancement assisté par ordinateur "; In: Thèse de doctorat; Université à Sherbrooke Canada; 2004. [Hong et al. 2002] Hong, Y. S.; Chang, T. C.; "A comprehensive review of tolerancing research"; In: International Journal of Production Research, v40, n11, pp.24252459, 2002. [Jinsong et al. 1998] Jinsong, G.; Kenneth, W; Chase, K.W; Spencer, P.M.; "Generalized 3-D tolerance analysis of mechanical assemblies with small kinematic adjustments"; In: IIE Transactions; v30, pp.367-377; 1998. [Pradeep et al. 2005] Pradeep K.S.; Satish, C. J.; Pramod, K.J.; "Advanced optimal tolerance design of mechanical assemblies with interrelated dimension chains and process precision limits"; In: Computers in Industry; in press; 2005. [Requicha 1984] Requicha, A. A. G.; "Representation of tolerances in solid modeling: issues and alternatives approaches"; In: Solid modelling by computer; pp. 3-19; 1984. [Requicha 1983] Requicha, A. A. G.; "Toward a Theory of Geometrical Tolerancing", In: International Journal Robotics Research; v2,n4, pp. 45-60; 1983. [SPO 73] Spotts, M...
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