1989 and genetic algorithm ji et al 2000 shan et al

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Unformatted text preview: ring, pp. 274-284; Atlanta 1996. [Armillotta et al., 1999] Armillotta, A.; Bigioggero, G.F.; Moroni, G.; Negrini, L.; Semeraro, Q.; “Tolerance control in workpiece fixturing”, In: Proceedings of the ASME 4th Design for Manufacturing Conference; Las Vegas, 1999. [Armillotta et al., 2003] Armillotta A.; Carrino L.; Moroni G.; Polini W.; Semeraro Q.; “An analytical approach to machining deviation due to fixturing”, In: Geometric Product Specification and Verification: Integration of Functionality, Eds. Bourdet P. and Mathieu L., Kluwer Academic Publishers, pp. 175-184; 2003. [Bourdet et al., 1974] Bourdet, P.; Clement, A.; “Optimalisation des Montages d’Usinage”; In: L’Ingenieur et le Techniciien de l’Enseignement Technique, pp. 874; 1974. [Bourdet et al., 1988] Bourdet, P.; Clement, A.; “A study of optimal-criteria identification based on the small displacement screw model”; In: Annals of the CIRP, Vol. 37/1, pp. 503-506; 1988. Position Deviation of a Holes Pattern 211...
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