1995 here we propose using this model to represent

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Unformatted text preview: simple a model as the fitting gauge model which we have developed since 1995 for the three-dimensional metrology [Pairel et al., 1995]. Here we propose using this model to represent the geometric tolerances in the CAD-CAM systems. We will show that it enables to model a multitude of geometric tolerances very simply. This semantic representation of the tolerances must be accompanied by a checking of the degrees of freedom removed by references [Kandikjan et al.., 2001] and left at the tolerance zones [Hernandez et al.., 2002] to guarantee the full semantic coherence of the tolerances. This checking will not be detailed here. From this tolerance representation, it becomes simpler and more direct to generate the domains of the geometrical variations allowed to the faces of the part [Giordano et al., 1999] [Roy et al., 1999] [Davidson et al., 2002], which is necessary to the analysis and synthesis tolerance processes of a mechanism [Giordano et al., 2001]. 2. INTERPRETATION BY VIRTUAL GAUGE OF THE STANDARDIZED GEOMETRIC TOLERANCES In order to present the &quo...
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