1995 the beta distribution was selected because it

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Unformatted text preview: been taken. The basis of this statistical approach presented at the CIRP seminar in 2001, had then shown that the use of an association criterion must be linked to an assumption concerning the probability density of the measured points around the associated surface. So the legitimate question that remains in suspends, is to know what kind of distribution is generated by the real manufacturing process. The aim of this paper is to present a machining model able to predict the probability density of the measured points in the case of end milling. Keywords: end milling, signature, prediction, Z-map, best fit. 1. INTRODUCTION The Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) has brought a significant change on the industrial control practices. It has allowed accessing to larger information than with the classical metrology approach. But, at the opposite of this last one, the CMM cannot measure directly the geometrical dimensions of the part (corresponding to ISO or ANSI geometrical specifications). The...
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