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Unformatted text preview: ural and/or functional). By this way, in one product model we will be able to represent different tolerancing schema corresponding to the integration of numerous standard components which answer to a same function. 244 REFERENCES J. Dufaure, D. Teissandier and G. Debarbouille [Ballu et al, 1999] A. Ballu et L. Mathieu, "Choice of functional specifications using graphs within the framework of education". CIRP CAT, Enschede (NL), 1999. [Dufaure et al, 2003] J. Dufaure et D. Teissandier, "Geometric tolerancing from conceptual to detail design". CIRP, Charlotte (north carolina, USA), 2003. [Dufaure et al, 2004] J. Dufaure, D. Teissandier et G. Debarbouille, "Product model dedicated to collaborative design: A geometric tolerancing point of view". IDMME, Bath (UK), 2004. [Fleming, 1987] A. Fleming. "Analysis of uncertainties and geometric tolerances in assemblies of parts", PhD thesis, 1987. [Gaunet, 1994] D. Gaunet. "Modèle formel de tolerancement de position. Contributions à l'aide au tolerancement des mécanismes en CFAO.", PhD thesis, 1994. [Giordano et al, 1993] M. Giordano et D. Duret, "Clearence Space and Deviation Space. Espace Jeu, Espace Ecart....
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