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Unformatted text preview: eration time. The most critical point of the pump is located in t he contact zone between the cam and the cam roller. The aim of this section is to demonstrate the impact of the geometrical uncertainties on the stresses applied to the system. 4.1. Adjustment of the contact pressure The maximum normal load applied to the cam roller is about 10000 N. A perfect cylindrical geometry would lead to a distribution of the contact pressure with strong edge effects (figure 7). To avoid this impediment, a curvature C of 5 μm has been imposed in the design of the cam roller. This allows adjusting the shape and size of the contact zone in order to obtain an elliptic contact area which leads to an ellipsoidal distribution of pressure. The design of the cam roller is presented in the right hand side of figure 8. It has the external shape of a torus. According to the general description of such surface (left hand side of figure 8), it is defined by the direction vector of its axis, and two radii (R and r). Impact of Geometric Uncertainties Normal load 10 000 N Normal load 10 000 N 231 Assumption: Elliptical repartition of pressure Edge effects Figure 7;...
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