2000 and oneal et al 2002 as deformations are assumed

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Unformatted text preview: away of material during surface micromachining, precluding the need for traditional assembly methods. The microengine consists of two linear comb drive actuators which are used to impart rotational motion to a drive gear (Figure 1 (a)). The drive gear in turn rotates the load gear on which the AFM tip is mounted (Figure 1 (b)). Both the drive gear and the load gear rotate about stationary hubs which are mounted on substrates. This gear train has a mechanical advantage of 1.5:1. A platform is used to stabilize the tip onto the load gear (Figure 1 (c)). Figure 1 (c) is a schematic of a cross-section of the drill architecture and is not to proportion. The tip drills holes by making initial indentations into the work piece in a manner similar to other AFM devices. Load induced errors in the tip result from deflections in the load gear as a result of interaction with the drive gear and cutting forces at the tip-workpiece interface. 3. ERROR ANALYSIS S ince the required dimensions of the holes c reated by the nanodrill are very...
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