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Unformatted text preview: termination is resumed in a table (table 2) which is the textual expression of the MMP. Set-up 2 Part Holder Surface Plane 1S2 Plane 2S2 Plane 3S2 Assembly Part-holder Surface Link parameters LHP Type of contact Surface defects DH rx1S2, ry1S2, tz1S2 rx2S2, ry2S2, tz2S2 rx3S2, ry3S2, tz3S2 Constraints CH Position and orientation relative to nominal Position and orientation relative to nominal Position relative to nominal solution Part Surface 0 0 0 n o n e n o n e Plane 3 Plane 2 Plane 1 Assembly constraints CHP Positioning function to maximize Non penetration condition 25lrx1S2+20lry1S2+ltz1S2 ≥ 0 -25lrx1S2+20lry1S2+ltz1S2 ≥ 0 25lrx1S2-20lry1S2+ltz1S2 ≥ 0 -25lrx1S2-20lry1S2+ltz1S2 ≥ 0 -3.54lry1S2-25lry2S2+ltz2S2+3.54rx2S2-3.54ry1S2 ≥ 0 3.54lry1S2-25lry2S2+ltz2S2-3.54rx2S2+3.54ry1S2 ≥ 0 -3.54lry1S2+25lry2S2+ltz2S2+3.54rx2S2-3.54ry1S2 ≥ 0 3.54lry1S2+25lry2S2+ltz2S2-3.54rx2S2+3.54ry1S2 ≥ 0 10.61lrx1S2+101.41lry1S2+20lry2S2+ltz3S2+10.61rx1S2+3.54rx3S2 +101.41ry1S2+20ry2S2-20ry3S2 ≥ 0 -17.68lrx1S2-101.41lry1S2-20lry2S2+ltz3S2-17.68rx1S2+3.54rx3S2 -101.41ry1S2-20ry2S...
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