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Unformatted text preview: has to be integrated in the tolerancing schema of the product and transferred on the parts of the mechanism (Figure 9). Figure 9 ; Description of the flatness specification in the product model 242 J. Dufaure, D. Teissandier and G. Debarbouille In the presented mechanism, the position between the motor and the reducer is adjustable along the z-axis. With the presented product model we are able to describe a surface graph. In the surface graph, an interface is represented using a circle named with a small letter. In opposition a component is described by a circle around interfaces. A functional condition is described by the symbol of the cinematic link or the symbol of the ISO specifications. This representation is often used in the tolerancing activity and has to be taken into account (Figure 10). A qualitative transfer of the flatness specification is done using this representation. In the presented surface graph, only one cycle is influent on the flatness specification. The influent cycle corresponding to the flatness specification is the cycle which contains the surfaces called a and b for the r...
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