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Unformatted text preview: nd A. Clé , ment We have initially shown that, if necessary, the dimension variations, specified or executed for a 3D geometric object are dependent, and have then demonstrated the basic formula for dimensional variations of a geometric object. There is a wide variety of domains of application for this formulation, for example: • the dimensioning or parameterisation of a part or mechanical assembly for CAD/CAM system sketchers and assembly module applications. • the geometric tolerancing of mechanical assemblies with the development of analysis and tolerancing synthesis tools, • the analysis and synthesis of complex engineering problems by associating the geometry equations presented in this article with other engineering equations describing the globally specified problem. REFERENCES [Ballot et al., 2001] Ballot, E.; Bourdet, P.; Thiébaut, F.; "Determination of Relative Situations of Parts for Tolerance Computation"; In: 7th CIRP International Seminar on Computer Aided Tolerancing, Cachan (FRANCE), April 24-25, (2001). [Chase et al., 1997] Chase, K.W.; Gao, J.; Magleby, S.P.; "Tol...
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