2004 the cross sections used for the segmentation of

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Unformatted text preview: sub-clouds of compatible type (i.e. plane GT features are compared to plane sub-clouds; axis GT feature are compared to cylinder sub-clouds, etc.); the sub-cloud with the minimum distance is identified to be the sub-cloud representing the GT feature on the acquired model. In case of common zones, the sub-clouds corresponding to the different regions are merged and treated as a single sub-cloud. Virtual Inspection Once the other tasks have been successfully performed, the virtual inspection process can take place. The appropriated inspection method is selected according to the specific GT category and type to be inspected. First, the method must describe the procedure to precisely identify the datum geometry on the sub-cloud. For each different datum and tolerance type different strategies can be identified. (The definition of the best identification strategy for all the cases is still an open issue in our research. At present we are focused on orientation tolerances with plane datum). Once the virtual datum has been identified, the me...
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