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Unformatted text preview: tion domain [E] Set of vertices in IR6: V-representation t Figure 1; Deviation domain associated to a tolerance zone Surfaces Seam Analysis 247 Associated feature is built from the polygonal convex hull containing the outline of the nominal feature. Defining the deviation domain is reduced to consider each maximum displacement of characteristic vertices of the associated feature inside the tolerance zone. Those displacements are translated by an inequalities system expressed at a fixed point (O in our example). With a polyhedral computation code cdd+ developed by K. Fukuda, all vertices of the convex 6-polytope are generated in IR6 from the set of inequalities [Fukuda et al., 1996]. This double definition (Vertex-representation and Halfspace-representation) is necessary for several geometric operations on different domains defined in our model. A clearance domain is built with the same method. First a clerance torsor defined. A clearance zone is translated in a set of inequalities. This one gives the correspon...
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