22 pp153 163 1998 lin et al 1995 lin ss varghese

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Unformatted text preview: y identical to those of the 24 selected samples. Figure 7; Evaluation based on the 24 points selected by iterative sampling. Figure 8; Evaluation based on all of the 154 points sampled in iterative sampling. 144 A. Barari, H. A. ElMaraghy and G. K. Knopf Experiments showed that in each iteration, by using the vector variable, t*, associated with the previous substitute geometry as the initial condition of the optimization, new substitute geometry is found quickly. The computation time for the iterative sampling was almost 2.2 times longer than what was required for the initial 16 points. However, iterative sampling is still highly time efficient, since its computation time is almost 4.8 times shorter than the evaluation time based on the 154 points. 4.3. Accuracy and performance of the method The result of inspection by 16 stratified samples in all of the experiments was much less than the result of iterative sampling. Evaluation based such a sample set results as an underestimation of geometrical deviations on t...
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