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Unformatted text preview: 0.80-0.90 Same IT 0.95-1.05 different orientation Different IT 1.0-1.1 Same IT 0.75-0.85 same orientation Different IT 0.8-0.9 Same IT 0.85-0.95 Same feature type, different orientation (90º) different size Different IT 0.90-1.00 Same IT 1.05-1.15 different orientation Different IT 1.1-1.2 0.75-0.85 same orientation Different feature type 0.85-0.95 different orientation 0.85-0.95 same feature type Same machine station 0.95-1.05 different feature type 1.05-1.15 Different machine station Table VI; Complexity factors for feature geometric relationship. Feature relationship Intrasetup Intersetup 5.2. GA technique Genetic algorithms have important characteristics, causing them to behave differently from traditional methods, and making them robust and computationally simple and powerful. There are five key issues affect the construction of a genetic algorithm: encoding, crossover, mutation, selection, and dealing with constraints. 222 H. Song et al. The first step is to code the variable involved in the optimi...
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