product and process dimensioning and tolerancing

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Unformatted text preview: re; ci represent all relationship factors applicable to the ith of the jth part. At the machine level, the major considerations are machine type and conditions, represented by machine cost factor. C (M k ) = Σ[ f 2 (M k ) ⋅ C (Fik ) ⋅ Πcik ] k = 1,2,..., r where C (M k ) is the manufacturing cost at the kth machine/workstation; f 2 (M k ) is the cost factor of the kth machine; C (Fik ) is the cost to produce the ith feature on the kth machine; cik is the relationship factor applicable to the ith on the kth machine. The overall cost is estimated by summation of costs at each machine. The focus of this modeling process is not to determine the numeric value of the cost but to provide a consistent measure to compare costs with difference tolerance assignment plan. Hence, the factors do not change with tolerance assignment have been simplified. Relationship factor fn Multiple parts, part number=n Same IT 0.65-0.75 same orientation Different IT 0.7-0.8 Same IT 0.75-0.85 Same feature different orientation (90º) Different IT...
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