the method of giordano et al 1999 2001 also gives the

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Unformatted text preview: trical behaviour of gear. To increase relevance of this work, we will take account the teeth distortions, ie analyse the transmission errors under load (Load Tooth Contact Analysis). REFERENCES [Ballot et al.,1997] Ballot E, Bourdet P. "A Computation Method for the Consequences of Geometric Errors in Mechanisms". Proceedings of CIRP Seminar on Computer Aided Tolerancing, Toronto, Canada, April 1997. [Dantan et al.,2005] Dantan JY, Mathieu L, Ballu A, Martin P. "Tolerance synthesis : quantifier notion and virtual boundary". J. Computer Aided Design, 2005, Vol.37, n°2, pp.231-240. [Godet et al.,1967] Godet J-C, Raffy M. "Le calcul des engrenages coniques droits à développante de cercle sphérique", Société d'Etude de l'industrie de l'engrenage, Volume 53, 1967 [Giordano et al.,1997] Giordano M, Duret D. "Clearance space and deviation space, application to three-dimensional chain of dimensions and positions". Proceedings of CIRP Seminar on Computer Aided Tolerancing, ENS Cachan, France, May 1993. [Lit...
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