tolrancement des mcanismes flexibles application une

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Unformatted text preview: (0) compared to the part (1) depends on the deviations on contact surfaces A1, B1 and C1 belonging to part (1) and of the deviations on surfaces A0, B0 and C0 belonging to part (0). Finally, the whole of the positions of the the frame R1 associated to the part (1) regarding the frame R0 associated to the part (0) is defined by the resulting deviation domain [R01] calculated in the following way: (2) [R01] = [[E0A] ⊕ [EA1]] ∪ [[E0B] ⊕ [EB1]] ∪[[E0C] ⊕ [EC1]] Remarks: • [EiX] is the deviation domain of surface Xi expressed at point O. • ⊕ is the operator of the Minkowski addition [Fukuda, 2003]. • is the intersection operator. Each deviation domain is a 6-polytope characterized by its H-representation and its V-representation. It is the same for [R01]. The four parts being in series, one obtains with final the whole of the possible and reachable positions of the R3 (thus of the headlight) compared to R0 (attached to the fender) defined by the domain [R03] calculated in...
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