m 1 11 h2 new samples are captured from the regions

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Unformatted text preview: in a way that the L2-norm equation is minimized. The nearest point of substitute geometry, Pi*, to the measured point Pi is called the corresponding point. The deviation of the measured points from the best substitute geometry, ei, is the dot product of the vector from the corresponding point to the measured point, and the normal vector of the substitute geometry at the corresponding point, ni. ei = (P − P )• n * i i i ni (5) Evaluated geometrical deviations, ei, are labeled data sampled from a continuous random variable, e. Geometrical deviations are caused by manufacturing errors and have a probability density function, f(e). A variety of density functions, such as uniform, Gaussian or Beta distribution, have been suggested for manufacturing errors [Choi et al., 1998][ Elkot et al., 2002]. In order to avoid the limitations of such assumptions, the Parzen windows method as a nonparametric procedure is used to estimate the unknown underlying density function from the sampled data. Disconti...
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