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Unformatted text preview: Three Axes Vertical Machining Center using Rigid Body Kinematics”; International Journal of Machine Tools & Manufacture; v40; pp. 1199–1213 [Tanner et al, 2000] Tanner D. M.; Smith, N. F.; “MEMS Reliability, Infrastructure, Test Structure, Experiments and Failure Modes”; Sandia National Laboratories; Report SAND2000-0091 [Tanner et al, 1998] Tanner D. M.; Miller, W. M.; Eaton, W. P.; “The Effect of Frequency on the Lifetime of a Surface Micromachined Microengine Driving a Load”; IEEE International Reliability Physics Symposium Proceedings; pp 26-35 [Hu, 1997] Hu, S. J.; “Stream of Variation Theory for Automotive Body Assembly”; Annals of the CIRP; v 46; n1; pp.1-6 [Liu, et al, 1997] Liu, S. C. ; Hu, S. J.; “Variation Simulation for Deformable Sheet Metal Assemblies Using Finite Element Methods ”; Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering, Transactions of the ASME; v119; n 3; pp 368-374 [Daniel et al, 1986] Daniel, F.; Weill, R.; Bourdet, P.; “Computer Aided Tolerancing and Dimensioning in Process Planning”; Annals of the C...
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