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Unformatted text preview: AN AXIS A perpendicularity tolerance of t" = 0.05mm is specified on the axis of the larger hole in 0.05 A . According to the Standards [e.g. Fig 1(a) with the lower feature control frame ASME, 1994], this tolerance defines a floating cylindrical tolerance-zone of diameter t" and length j, within which the axis can take any orientation. This cylindrical tolerance-zone is exactly perpendicular to the datum plane A, but it can translate laterally inside the tolerance-zone for position (diameter t = 0.1mm in Fig. 1(a)) of the axis. Therefore, t" must be smaller than the position tolerance on the same axis. The effect of this specification is to limit the variations in orientation of the axis in a tolerance-zone of diameter t to a smaller tolerance-zone of diameter t" but not to limit further its allowed change in position. The Tolerance-Map for an axis, on which both perpendicularity and position tolerances are specified simultaneously, will be created by truncating the existing hypersections...
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