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Unformatted text preview: oints to the higher order reference element of the datum and, then, by fitting the set of points to the remaining reference element of the datum, under the constraint given by the first operation. The results indicate that the proposed algorithm provides accurate and quick assessment. ACNOWLEDGEMENTS The work has funded partially by the Italian M.I.U.R. (Italian Ministry of University and Research). REFERENCES [Capello et al., 2001] Capello, E.; Semeraro, Q.; “The Harmonic Fitting Method for the Assessment of the Substitute Geometry Estimate Error. Part I: 2D and 3D Theory”, Int. J. machine Tools and Manufacture, 41, pp. 1071-1102; 2001. [Carr et al., 1995] Carr, K.; Ferreira, P; “Verification of form tolerances. Part I: Basic Issues, Flatness and Straightness”, Precision Engineering, 17, pp. 131-143; 1995. [Carr et al, 1995] Carr, K.; Ferreira, P; “Verification of form tolerances. Part II: Cylindricity and Strightness of a median line”, Precision Engineering, 17, pp. 144156;...
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