0833mm the values obtained for the tolerances are

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Unformatted text preview: E-F H1-H2 J-K J-K J-K Plane M D1 Q Pa Pb 1 2 (a) (b ) 4 5 2 3 n|w0.3m|A|B|C] j|w0.05m|D] 1 n|w0.07m|H2m] [H]" 1 n|w0.05m|H1m] (c) [G]" 1 :[E] 2 (d) Figure 4. The arrangement of the parts that support the spindle in the gear casing of the arm. (a) A bottom view of the gear casing and a cross-section of the arm from the main hinge. (b) A more detailed view of the spindle subassembly at a larger scale. 1) Spindle; 2) Needle bearing; 3) Ball bearing; 4) Gear; 5) Gear case cover; 6) Collar; 7) Blade. (c) The mating between the gear casing on the arm (left) and the gear case cover (right); the datums and the target features on both parts are shown. (d) The contacting plane Pa is the contact between the ball bearing and the collar; its tolerance on size is controlled relative to Plane Q. The contacting plane Pb is the contact between the collar and the saw blade; its tolerance on size is controlled relative to Plane Pa. Note that both planes Pa and Pb are round faces of diameters da and db, respectively. 272 A. D. Jian et al. alignment with the gear cover by fitting tightl...
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