1 example of a simplified seven part planar mechanism

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Unformatted text preview: parameters span their allowed range, and use it in assembly planning with infinite translations [Latombe et al., 1997]. They acknowledge the limitations of their model and point to the need for developing a more general tolerancing model and for supporting other motion types. This motivated our work. In this paper, we present a framework for worst case analysis of the relative position variation of toleranced parts in mechanical assemblies. The framework is based on our previously developed general parametric tolerancing model for planar parts. We introduce six types of relative position constraints designed to model all types of contact and clearance specifications between features of two parts. To model the relative part position variation in the entire assembly, we introduce the assembly graph, a generalization of Latombe’s relation graph that includes cycles, toleranced parts, and three degrees of freedom. We show how to compute the sensitivity matrices of each vertex from the pairwise relative position constraints and the assembly graph. These matrices serve to comp...
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