14 scope of the paper in practice variation

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Unformatted text preview: hain allows us to take into account the actual form deviation, and provide the symbolic equations of the assembly. The application of the method to an industrial study has given some quite interesting results. These results let us envisage the confrontation of the results of simulation to the experiment and the generalization of the approach to other similar cases. 310 G. Cid et al. REFERENCES [Cid et al, 2004] Cid G., Thiébaut F., Bourdet P, Taking the deformation into account for components’ tolerancing, In 5th conference on Integrated Design on Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering, CD Rom., 2004 [Thiebaut 2001] Thiébaut F, “Contribution à la définition d’un moyen unifié de gestion de la géométrie réaliste basé sur le calcul des lois de comportement des mécanismes“, PhD Thesis, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan., 2001 [Bourdet and Ballot, 1995] Bourdet P. and Ballot E, “Geometrical behavior laws for computer aided tolerancing”. In 4th CIRP Seminar on Computer Aided Tolerancing, Tokyo, April 5-6, 1995. edited by Fumihiko Kimura, Chapman & Hill, pp. 119-131., 1995 [Camel...
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