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Unformatted text preview: system of equations resulting from 0 ≤ z ≤ 2 arc-arc (quadratic) constraints and 3-z linear constraints has 2z solutions. However, only one of them corresponds to the nominal positions of the parts. The correct solution is identified by comparing the transformed vertices with the nominal vertex positions. For the partial derivatives of each of the template solutions, we derived corresponding templates, consisting of the coefficients and their partial derivatives. Since these were computed in step 2, the nominal solution T = (tx,tY,θ) and its derivatives ∂T/∂pj = (∂tx/∂pj,∂ty/∂pj,∂θ/∂pj) are computed with a constant number of elementary arithmetic operations. In step 4, we use the transformation derivatives to compute the sensitivity matrices of the vertices of B. Each vertex u ∈ B undergoes the transformation T in order to satisfy the relations. When one of the constraints is conditional, the transformation T, which is correct for all instances of the assembly, is computed as follows. First,...
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