2 hole plate the probability the i th hole of the

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Unformatted text preview: e part and the possible corrective actions. Bourdet and Clement used the displacement screw vector to mathematically describe the misalignment between part and machine [Bourdet et al., 1974]. They extended this work by developing a model to determine the nominal positions of locators which minimise the magnitude of the screw displacement vector [Bourdet et al., 201 J.K. Davidson (ed.), Models for Computer Aided Tolerancing in Design and Manufacturing, 2 0 1 – 211. © 2007 Springer. 202 W. Polini and G. Moroni 1988]. Weill connected the screw displacement vector to the geometric variation of critical part features and minimised this geometric function [Weill et al., 1991]. More recent studies deal with robust design of fixture configuration, by analysing the influence of workpiece surface errors and fixture set-up errors on the stability of part [Cai et al. 1997], developing algorithms for workpiece localization [Chu et al., 1998], or employing the screw parameters associated with TTRS to determine the position uncertainty of a part [Desrochers et al., 1997]. Ve...
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