2007 springer 256 j bruyere et al how to simulate the

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Unformatted text preview: n in order to validate or not the designer’s tolerancing. 5. REPRESENTATIONS IN A CAD ENVIRONMENT Figure 7 gives the representation in a CAD software of the nominal geometry of the fender (on the right) taken in datum as well as the 3D calculated and specified zones for the points a and b belonging to the headlight. A smoothing of the 2D specified zones allows to visualize in which volume the toleranced curve must be contained so that the functional requirement is checked and this, whatever the selected tolerance. A smoothing on the calculated zones can be carried out to represent the possible variations of geometry of this curve according to the tolerances. 252 J.-P. Petit, S. Samper and I. Perpoli Figure 7; CAD representation. In a more rigorous way, the functional condition checking carries on four 2D specified zones. Knowing topologies of these specified zones at each control point, 2D sections of the calculated zones according to the plans containing the tolerances zones allow to check graphically the functional condition at each point. The figure below represents this co...
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