2007 springer 322 m r tonks k w chase and c c smith

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Unformatted text preview: his means that neither positioning variations nor the repeatability index for the assembly fixture are captured. In general, the simulated 6 is lower than measured, which indicates that the assembly is probably subjected to other types of variations than simulated. The variation could be weld gun variation such as wear and position accuracy. Balanced weld guns are designed to be balanced in the direction where they perform the welding. In practice, this is hard to achieve since one weld gun often performs welding in different directions (horizontal and vertical welding of flanges), and will therefore always have some inertia in some directions. These variations are very difficult to include in the simulation model. One other important modeling aspect when part variation is applied by giving the inspection points a described displacement can cause the part to deflect in an unnatural way. This could occur if the inspection points are widely distributed or that the part is of a complex geometry. Assume that the geometry illustrated in figure 5a is the nominal geometry. The part has one inspecti...
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