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Unformatted text preview: ical specification representation. Moreover, this representation is often unknown from the users. Consequently, it is very difficult to understand the models used, the mechanisms implemented and the results provided. GeoSpelling model, a complete and coherent tolerancing process, including tolerance analysis, is presented. GeoSpelling, proposed to ISO for rebuilding standards in the fields of tolerancing and metrology, allows a unified description of the nominal and the non ideal geometry. It allows also a unique mathematical parameterization of the geometry. The proposed approach should help researchers and engineers to better explain the tolerance representation for different activities in a tolerancing process. Keywords: Tolerance representation, Tolerance process, GeoSpelling, Uncertainty. 1. INTRODUCTION Tolerance analysis and synthesis in mechanical engineering remain non solved problems. Just few CAD/CAM software offer to the designer integrated tools for a 3D tolerance analysis and synt...
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