228 j m linares et al micro geometrical accommodation

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Unformatted text preview: F.; Huang, J.; "A method for optimal tolerance selection"; In: Journal of Engineering for Industry, pp. 558-564; 1977 [Ouyang et al., 1997] Ouyang, C.; Lin, T. S.; "Developing an integrated framework for feature-based early manufacturing cost estimation"; In: The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, pp. 618-629; 1997 [Shan et al., 2003] Shan, A.; Roth, R. N.; "Genetic algorithms in statistical tolerancing "; In: Mathematical and Computer Modeling, 38, pp. 1427-1436; 2003 [Shehab et al., 2001] Shehab, E. M.; Abdalla, H. S.; "Manufacturing cost modeling for concurrent product development"; In: Robotics and Computer Integrated Manufacturing, pp. 341-353; 2001 [Song et al., 2005] Song, H.; Yang, D. Y.; Rong, K. Y.; "Monte Carlo Simulation-based Tolerance Stack-up Analysis for Production Planning."; In press [Sunn et al., 1988] Sunn, H. K.; Knott, K.; "A pseudo-boolean approach to determining least cost tolerances"; In: The International Journal of Production Research, pp. 157-167; 1988 [Tang et al., 1988] Tang, X. Q.; Dav...
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