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Unformatted text preview: the assembly is released from the fixture and the assembly springback deflection are calculated with FEA. A total of 500 iterations are conducted for each simulation. 4. RESULT Five different simulations have been conducted in order to investigate how different modeling aspects influence the result. The result from the different simulations is summarized in table 1. After each simulation the mean and variance (6 ) is compared to the inspection data for the complete assembly. Correlation coefficients Rmean and R6 are calculated between the simulated and measured inspection points, by using equation 2. 316 S. Dahlström, L. Lindkvist and R. Söderberg Rmean is a measure of how consistent the simulated mean for the inspection points is with the measured and R6 is the consistency for the variance. A low R value indicates that the result is not consistent with the inspection data. Different modeling aspects are considered and refinements of the simulation model are done in order to improve the R values. Each modeling technique and aspect is kept for th...
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