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Unformatted text preview: solutions to the user: either a standardized tolerance which "degrades" the desired tolerance - it is the parallelism tolerance indicated on the drawing of figure 1 - or a less "standardized tolerance" which expresses the gauge as well as possible such as the one proposed on the figure below. 2x 0.03 Figure 9; Instance of non standardized tolerance defining two parallel plane zones. Nevertheless we think that the gauge representation could allow to do without the writing of the tolerance frames on drawings in a CAD-CAM environment. Indeed it would be even simpler for the manufacturing designer to see the tolerancing gauges Virtual Gauge Representation for Geometric Tolerances 11 directly in 3D rather than to have "to decode" tolerance frames on drawings. Many mistakes in the interpretation of tolerances would be thus avoided, during their writing and their reading. In production, we think that the tolerancing by zones is unsuited because it does give the separation of the form, orientat...
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