3 variation management in a plm perspective the

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Unformatted text preview: stics of the ideal product, i.e. one that would meet the expectations of the designer at the geometrical level. They can be used in deterministic or stochastic computations with the Jacobian-torsor model. 2.3. Process driven uncertainties Process driven uncertainties are part of the unspecified variations. They are unspecified in the sense that they are simply not part of the designer’s product requirements. They originate from the “real world as they are being generated by the various processes used in the production and verification of the final physical product. Process uncertainties are considered as random (as opposed to “required” in the preceding category) because they cannot be predicted and depend on the process itself. Their values are rather obtained through data mining in the specification data sheets provided by the manufacturers of the process equipments or they can also be determined through quality control measurements on the products at the outcome. These uncertainties include manufacturing uncertainties on part, assembly unce...
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