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Unformatted text preview: t;fitting gauge model" and its use for the geometric tolerance representation, the technical drawing given on figure 1 will be used. (4) (3) (1) (2) Figure 1; Examples of geometric tolerances. Virtual Gauge Representation for Geometric Tolerances 5 This drawing reveals a broad panel of geometric tolerances: a tolerance of form (No 1 on figure 1), of orientation (No 2), and of position of a single feature (No 4) or of a group of features (No 3), as well as more or less complex datum systems (tolerances No 3 and 4). The maximum material condition (MMC) is also considered. The other categories of tolerance - run-out, minimum material condition, projected tolerance - will not be presented here but can also be represented. Only, the complementary indications, often added in the form of notes near the geometric tolerances, cannot be directly represented by the model presented here. The case of the dimensional tolerances is not mentioned here either. 2.1 Form Tolerance (tolerance No. 1) : the zone-gauge The zone of a form tolerance constitutes a virtual gauge for the toleranced face or li...
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