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Unformatted text preview: l used to describe ideal and non-ideal geometry [Ballu et al., 1995], [ISO/TS 17450-1, 2005]. Indeed, it allows to express the specification from the function to the verification with a common language. This model is based on geometrical operations which are applied not only to ideal features, defined by the geometrical modelers in a CAD system, but also to the non-ideal features which represent a real part. These operations are themselves defined by constraints on the form and position of the features. GeoSpelling is based on the following basic concept : • a specification is a condition on a characteristic defined from geometric features, • these geometric features are features created from the model of the real surface of the part (skin model) by different operations. A condition defines an interval inside of which the value of a characteristic of geometric features must lie. These geometric features are identified by operations from the skin model. These operations are the operations of partition, extraction, filtration, collection, association and construction. As it is impossible to completely capture the variation of the real surface of the workpiece, the skin model is an imagined surface, without any representation (drawing, numerical, …), representing all the variations that could be expected on the real surface of the workpiece. It allows...
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