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Unformatted text preview: e component assembly. GT Specification: figure 2 shows the nominal shape of the component together with the required GT specification as modeled in the 3D CAD environment (FoI CAD model). The GT reference plane is defined by a common zone that is split into three separated planar surfaces (yellow planes in figure 2). The toleranced geometry is a common zone split into two planar surfaces (red surfaces in figure 2). The tolerance value is 0.5 mm. Figure 2; Nominal shape and GT specifications Figure 3; manufactured component. Manufactured Component Acquisition: the manufactured component (see figure 3) has been digitized using a 3D scanner based on fringe projection technology (COMET Vario Zoom by Steinbichler Gmbh). The clouds acquired from different points of view have been matched, filtered and sub-sampled in order to obtain the final points cloud data that is shown in figure 4. Figure 4; the points cloud data Figure 5; the color map Preliminary Data Models Registration: the align clouds commands of the digitized shape editor module of CATIA have been used to find the relati...
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