5 illustration of the tolerancing scheme

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Unformatted text preview: ion of the hole which is functional. Thus the standardized concept of projected tolerance can easily be represented. Sometimes the tolerance concerns only a piece of the face. In this case a surface corresponding to this piece will be added on the model of the part. 5. ILLUSTRATION OF THE TOLERANCING SCHEME REPRESENTATION OF A PART To simplify the presentation, we consider that each geometrical feature of the CAD model has a number. On the figure 7, only the numbers of the features affected by a gauge were indicated. They are the planar faces (1) and (2), the cylindrical faces (3) and Virtual Gauge Representation for Geometric Tolerances (4) and finally the straight line segment (5) representing the axis of the large hole: (1) (3) (4) (5) 9 (2) Figure 7; CAD modeling of the part: each feature has an identifier, represented here by a number. The representation of the four geometric tolerances assigned to this part consists in describing the virtual gauges. Each virtual gauge is a list of elementary gauges, each one in relation to a geometrical feature of the CAD model of the part. So the first attribute...
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