512 by dassault systemes and tested on a reference

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Unformatted text preview: iple views are required, particular attention must be paid to the process of matching the different clouds in order not to introduce additional errors on the model. Preliminary Data Models Registration The data stored in the FoI CAD model will be used to identify regions and entities of the digitized model to be used during the inspection procedure. In order to be able to perform this mapping the two models must be overlapped. The model overlapping can be performed by using a best-fit method based on the ICP (Iterative Closest Points) [Besl & McKay, 1992]. The strategy to select the points to be used for the best-fit algorithm can be different according to the precision required by the specific application (interactive user selection, use of target points, etc.). GT features Extraction The FoI CAD model is navigated in order to extract the explicit information required for the tolerance inspection. In particular, the GT features that define the different tolerances to be inspected a...
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