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Unformatted text preview: een arcs of the same radius. The nominal contact between arcs of the same radius, as in parts P2 and P3 in Figure 1, is a circular arc, but when the geometries vary, there are three possible solutions: contact between the interiors of the circular arcs, and contact between an arc and either the first or second endpoint of the other arc, termed the conditional arc. Note that conditional edge-edge and arc-arc constraints specify that contact should occur between the two features, but do not specify which vertex is in contact. The six types of relative position constraints can be used to capture the design intent and model all contact and clearance specifications. However, the designer must ensure that the constraints do not yield unsolvable equations. We propose the following modeling guidelines to prevent this situation: 1. Features not participating in the constraints may overlap, even in the nominal solution. The designer should identify them and prevent the overlap by including them in the constraints, as is the case in Fig. 1 for the constraint between P4 and P5. 2. Lines participating in three cons...
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